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Macho’s is now hosting a party every Saturday from 7:30~10:30. The party is going to have a lot of people and there will be a White Elephant in it. People will bring food and everyone will have fun. It will have many things and very fun games. Macho is the host and if you have any further questions, go to Macho and he will answer them.

1/19/09 2:19

There are two new stuffed animals in the SA. The mom hasn’t given her name yet so she can’t enter into the SA. Her son is Sam and he made friends with Daiko. Everyone is very excited. Sam is already going into Birdseye school and he is taking Language Arts and Music. He has made many other friends such as Bearsy, Bluey, and Mr. Pudding Dog. Everyone is waiting for his mother to sign him up for he SA so he can join some clubs and live there.

12/5/08 10:18

Daiko will be signing his first bill tomorrow. No one knows if he is going to pass or veto it. The bill is that you cannot get more than one paid break a week. People think that it should be vetoed. The Judicial Branch has accepted it but no one knows if the House of Representatives has approved it yet. Many people will be waiting for Daiko’s results. Everyone is excited and wants to persuade him to one side. “I am very nervous but I will make my descision when it’s time,” says Daiko. Dakin will be on his first trip tomorrow too to negotiate with the other countries. It will be a meeting for all the junior Secretary-of-States in one room similar to the real one.

12/2/08 9:02

Daiko is officially the Junior President of SA world. People are congratulating him for making it. Everyone is excited including Daiko. “This is going to be the best month of my life,” Daiko said. The following is what he chose for these positions:

Secretary of State-Dakin

Secretary of the Treasury-Beary

Secretary of Commerce-Bearo

Secretary of Defense-Bluey

Attorney General-Mr. Pudding Dog

Secretary of Agriculture-Frosty

Secretary of Education-Koala

Secretary of Energy-Beara

Secretary of Health and Stuffed Animal Services-Dakino

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development-Lego Mrs. Roboty Guy

Secretary of the Interior-Lego Mr. Roboty Guy

Secretary of Labor-Elliot Lego

Secretary of Transportation-Macho

Secretary of Veterans’ Affairs-Kyro

Secretary of Homeland Security-Link

The people above were chosen by Daiko and are approved by the supervisors and Senate.

Senate-Poppy, GAP, Hoot, Ruby, Lizzy, Wolfy, Redd, Daika, Daiso, Perry, and Stephanie

Supervisors-Grizzly, Lily, Lego Mama, Lego Baba, and Damocles

11/29/08 11:56

Daiko is going to be taking the oath of office today. He has chosen to do his oath at Machos, where he works. People from all around the world are coming to see him. The people are excited to see the third junior president. After the oath of office, he will make a speech on how he will make the place better and what he will do to make changes to SA world. Some people such as Lego Baba, Lego Mama, and the Vikings have come to see Daiko do his oath of office. The oath of office is where he says that he will do everything to protect the country and prevent if from falling apart. The oath of office has been the same since the first president. Many people will be there and Daiko will move to the blue house on November 30th. “I am very excited to see what being president is like, but I am just the junior president, so I don’t have much power in the blue house,” says Daiko, “It’s going to be a great time.” Everyone is going to have a great time becuase Daiko will have to eventually choose his cabinet and who is inside it.

11/28/08 11:32

There are people, such as Ivana and Baba, who are already putting up decorations for Christmas trees. It’s a bit early but some people like to get an early start. No one likes to be hurrying, putting on decorations on Christmas Eve. Daiko is also putting up decorations in at Machos. The blue house is putting up the largest tree to ever be grown in SA world. People from all around the world are coming to see the large tree. There is going to be a Christmas party at Macho’s from December 23rd at 3:00 to December 26th at 6:30. People will be wrapping presents and no one wants to be the person not having any presents. If you suscribe for the News Explosion Newspaper, you get a coupon for 50% off at your local J-Mart. Everyone who has News Explosion will be buying presents there because J-Mart is already having a sale on Christmas stuff such as decorations for trees, stockings, presents, and more! The party is going to be big so go and buy the Christmas presents and get ready to party!

11/28/08 12:57

Today is after the party and the people are leaving Machos. Machos is reopened at 12:00 and people are tired from the late night party. People are getting nervous because Daiko will become the new junior president in 3 days. He will make his acceptance speech tomorrow and there will be thousands of people young and old watching Daiko swear into his office. People are excited and can’t wait to see the changes in SA world. There will be a party on December 6th on Daiko being the new junior president. The party will be at Machos and will eventually move to Daiko’s house. There people will be eating and partying on Daiko’s new presidency. Bring a present for Daiko!

11/27/08 10:33

The party at Macho’s is coming to an end. Macho has been found taking mean pills because if he does something bad, he gets paid less. They took away the mad pills from Macho and told him to stop taking them. Anyone who doesn’t follow the rules will be lectured. The party has ended up really good and people are getting ready to go to sleep. The party ends at 12:00 because the children need to sleep but the party officially ends at 10:00 tomorrow. Macho’s will open its normal service at 12:00 tomorrow and you can order the things now. Christmas decorations will begin on December 1st but you don’t have to be in a hurry since Christmas is way after that. Mean pills have been banned in the SA because they saw its effects on carnivores such as Wolfy. Daiko will take his oath of office on November 29th and he will swear into the office, making him officially junior president of the SA world. He will start his term on December 1st and his term will end on January 1st. After that, from January 1st to January 20th, candidates will be running again and the next junior president will be sworn into the office.

11/27/08 5:07

Today is Thanksgiving. So take out your turkeys and put them into their oven!  It will be a day where the people celebrate the coming of the pilgrims, their survival, and their peace treaty with the native americans.  So get ready to have a feast.  You better have eaten less for lunch or else you won’t be able to eat as much as you want!  There is a party at Macho’s and everyone is there.  There are many movies there and it is from 1:00 to 12:00.  There will be a lot uf music and a lot of dancing!  The Phillips Team, Bear Explosion, and the Vikings Band will premire in the party.  Don’t be late!  (P.S.) if you bring a turkey (raw or cooked), you get a coupon to the drinks bar.

Author-Ian Chou Editors-Beary and Bearo

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