Random Stories

Random Story #1

Daiko went to a house for Thanksgiving and asked what he should do for Thanksgiving. The person said that he should get a turkey and some stuffing. So Daiko went to the local market and bought some turkey. He didn’t know where to get the stuffing so he asked a clerk. The clerk asked him what type of stuffing he was looking for. Daiko said he didn’t care so the clerk pointed to a crafting store next to the market. Daiko went into the crafting store and asked where he could find stuffing. The employee said that he could find it in the west side of the store. Daiko went there and bought a few bags of stuffing. On Thanksgiving, Daiko cooked up a delicious meal of food, including the turkey with the stuffing in it. When Daiko said dig in, everyone took bites. What’s this, someone said. Inside the turkey was some stuffed animal stuffing, and it was drenched in oil. Err, said Daiko, the store clerk said that there was stuffing at the local craft store so I went there. Everyone stared at Daiko and he smiled like this- πŸ™‚ He said oops and everyone was laughing. They had a great Thanksgiving and told Daiko how to make stuffing.


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5 Responses to “Random Stories”

  1. dakino

    tat was funny πŸ˜€

  2. daikoclam


  3. dakino

    haha!! u brought my house down again πŸ˜€

  4. dakino

    u don’t do anything!!!!

  5. dakino

    u don’t do anything 😦

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